Using equalizer on Ozone 5

Hey everybody, I just recently started using Izotope Ozone 5 for mastering my tracks and a question came to me the other day. If I am already using an equalizer on the master track, should I still use Ozone's built-in equalizer? Should I only use one of them or can I use two equalizers?


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    That completely depends on what you want to achieve. You can always use several similar plugins that all do a small part of the job, instead of using one that does it all. However, since you are using it for mastering purposes, you might want to ask yourself what you need to do with it. Personally i think that if you have to do a lot of eq-ing on the master output, you probably did something wrong in the mix. Nice thing about Ozone is, that you can simply turn off anything you don't need. So you never HAVE to use anything. They're tools: you use them if you need them. :-)

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