Using effects on layered drums within a drum rack?

So I take 2 Bass Drum samples (one sub, one punchy) and assign them the same Midi Note, hence getting a Multi-pad that triggers both sounds. 

But how can I add an effect (say, a distortion plugin) to that chain?
If i drag an effect on the pad, the samples will be gone and instead I'll have an empty pad with said effect.

To sum it up: how can i add effects to layered drums within the drum rack.



adzix 1 year ago | 0 comments

2 answers

  • Near Earth Object
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    Load the effect onto the entire rack or load it after the sample playing device in the selected chain.
    To see where you are putting it exactly, simply fold out the chains and devices in your drumrack.

    1 year ago | 2 comments
  • c0smo
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    You should use the return section of the Drum Rack, and send the signal to your effect:
    1 year ago | 1 comment

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