Using Axiom Pro 61 to control Spkr. on/off on a per channel basis in Live 8 Suite

System consists of:

2011 macbook Pro 17, 8 gig RAM, Live 8 Suite, Native Instruments Komplete 7, Axiom Pro 61, Akai MPK88, Novation Zero SL Mk II (controls all functions in Live), Powered USB Hub, Focusrite LS 56 and Focusrite MkII Dynamic mic pre's.

Yamaha MIDI interface connected to Roland XV-5080. Use this for specific sounds not available in Live or NI Komplete 7. I have programmed a couple of settings in the Pro 61 to change Patches or Performances on the XV-5080. Also set up the faders on the Pro 61 to act as drawbars in Vintage Organs. Works great. What I would like to do, at a minimum, is use my drum pads on the Pro 61 to turn on and off the speaker control on the channels in Live 8. It would be great to also be able to send that change when loading patches I've programmed on the Pro 61. The "learn" function doesn't work in this configuration. It doesn't look like Live even allows a commend to be assigned to that button. 

Also I use this configuration in a live setting with a 5 piece band. At the beginning of this little experiment but so far it works pretty good. This will be a major performance enhancement for me. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hello, I also own an Axiom Pro 61.. you can find some useful help for it at, in the support/manuals section.. select keyboard series, Axiom Pro 61. 

    See the 'Hyper Control for Ableton Live' guide there.  Just follow the instructions there to set up your Axiom Pro 61 with Live.. enjoy ! !

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