Using Apc40 to control external synth via midi

How do I make the apc40 control an external synth? I feel like I did this before but heck if I remember how. My research has led me to think maybe not. Seems like a simple blank device with  knobs would work. Map the apc40 to the knob, map the external instrument to that same knob, bingo, save as a preset. Does this exist already in Ableton and Im over looking it? In weird way I think to myself, "How can it not"  ;)


I must be overlooking a feature...





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    load a new midi track in live.

    From the Instruments rack, drag an "external instrument" to the midi track

    In the instrument settings set the "midi to" port to the interface or midi port of your synth.

    Select the channel of your audio interface through which the audio is coming in from your synth in the "audio from" box.

    Now you can send midi notes (including midi automation from your APC) to your synth, and the sound from your synth will be coming into live. Please note that you're only recording midi here- not audio.

    To record the audio from your synth, add a new audio track and make sure the input from this track is set to the midi track- then hit record.

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