Using APC40 across all Live instrument controls

Has anyone found a way to use the 8 device controls on the APC40 across all the MIDI controls on a given Live instrument? For example; the Electric Live Device has panels for Mallet, Fork, Damper, Pickup and Global. The 8 device controls on the APC40 default to the first 8 rotary controls in the device panel (Mallet section and a couple of Fork controls). Is there a way to 'shift' the APC40 focus beyond the first 8 rotary controls so I can use the APC40 to control the Damper and Pickup rotary controls? I'm using Live 8.


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    Read chapter 28.5

    Push shift and select one of 8 buttons to select the next bank of controls.
    If you don't want to search for the correct buttons every time, you can also consider placing effects, plugins or instruments in an audio or instrument rack, and map the controls you want to use to the macro knobs; then save.

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