Using Ableton w pads on Akai MPK225

Another newb question. I've had my MPK225 for about 2 weeks and am still finding out a lot about it. My MPK has 8 pads and 4 banks (A-D) so supposedly 32 total pads. So far, I seem only to have access to Pad A. How do you get, for example, Pad#3 in Bank D to play the sound of a closed hi hat?



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    Hi there
    This is something I have not looked at closely I suspect but so do you it has to do with your settings, Akai or Ableton or and this I can not immagine you need to install certain software that comes within the box on a disk or downloadable. Was it an easy choice?? As i have the Oxygen 25 that comes with a disk you first have to download. Not happy with it, looking for replacement. First mpk 225 or 25, Novation Impulse 25 or Launchkey 25 apparantly most compatible with able but like it a bit more sturdy hence the oxygen living a short live due to travel. But if Launchkey the one to go by all means also Arturia's Keylab by far most sollid and sturdy also the added sound library makes it high on the list. Launchkey has almost same added sound library for much better price. Hope anybody or you with the mpk225 issue has looked into similar options and already made a choice without regrets, hope you let me know. Very much appreciated. Kind regards
    Thijs aka Thidges ( don't ask :-) :-) ) or why not if you are american or UK and read my name Thijs how would you pronounce it?? LOL but can understand somewhat........

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