Using Ableton Live for vocal processing during a live performance

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I have a question:

I want to use Live for vocal processign during a live performance. Now I tried this during rehearsal a couple of times, but I get a lot of feedback.

Anyone familiar with this, and used it successfully?




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    I use Live with backing tracks, my vocal & acoustic & electric guitar. I run my MBPro laptop via the Apogee duet, to a pair of Bose L1 Compact speakers. I run in 64bit mode as I can utilise the 16GB of ram with FX etc, and run the latency at 128ms - more than enough for low latency signals.

    I find that the secret here is running everything through LIVE stereo out (to my Bose system), and outputs 3 & 4 are sent as my monitor.

    In a practice room, your feedback is probably occuring due to the confined space and bleeding of the overall sound produced, going back into Live via your vocal mic...

    Playing a concert, with a normal stage setup, should not produce feedback - unless your monitor(s) are excessively loud :-) 

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