Using Ableton Clips/Clip Envelopes to Control Traktor (Smart Mixing)

Hello! I am trying to control the play/pause/cue/etc. buttons in Traktor by launching clips in Ableton, and use clip automation to control the EQ knobs in Traktor's mixer. This way I could launch different "smart" preprogrammed transitions between songs in Traktor with my MIDI controller without needing to manually turn knobs, although I'd also like to have knobs mapped as well so that I could manually override the clip automation if I wanted to. (I'm trying to play drums and mix at the same time, so I really don't have my hands free to do all the EQ manipulation manually.) I guess it would be like using Ableton as a MIDI controller for Traktor. Or maybe it would involve configuring/mapping the knobs in Traktor to macros in Ableton, which could then be controlled with clip envelopes? I've seen plenty of discussion about syncing Ableton and Traktor MIDI clocks, and some mention of using programs like Soundflower and ReWire to send audio from one to the other, but nothing about sending clip launch & envelope data. Has anyone tried anything like this before? Any advice would be enormously appreciated!!!

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TechStepDrummer 3 years ago | 0 comments

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