Using 2 5x6 sets with combo of two return channels on APC40 to DJ style mix


I'm trying to come up with a configuration to mix one live set to the next w the APC40.  So far, the plan is to have all tracks routed to one of two return channels and use the crossfader for transitions, effects, etc. I have designated the clip launch buttons from tracks 7 and 8 as A and B sends for the first 6 tracks (Including the stop clip buttons). Then the activate/solo/record buttons for each are assigned as hi/mid/lo kill switches on the EQ3 of the DJ master rig on each return channel.  
I also would like to have the 16 knobs assigned per entire set, rather per each track.  The reason is so I can modulate one midi instrument and  then another without toggling between tracks.  The simple solution, which I began with, was using the global midi map feature to assign macro controls from each midi instrument or instrument rack to global midi controls. The issue arises when I drop a new live set into the current one of the same template style.  I understand that there are a limited number of knobs, buttons, and sliders.  
However, and MOST IMPORTANTLY! I would like to have the global midi maps be included with each instrument when I drop in a new set.  That way, the parts of the set can work seamlessly with the pre-existing template and I can continue modulating LFO amount or an envelope parameter on an instance of operator or analog without having to map it again.
Is this possible?

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futuremike 5 years ago | 0 comments

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