User remote scripts stop working after every update and must reinstalled ,recoded (repaired) why ?


I mean not the reinstall process.

after every update the user remote scripts for the controller  BCR 2000 and APC 40 in my case must recoded.

Why ?

the user remotescripts for example APC 40 (Hanz Pedrov) ,

this script as example  is open source adds a lot of possiblities but after every update the user have trouble with that new Live version

AND the people that can recode the script are annoyed from that behavior and stop recoding.  and updating the script .

Abletons your updates means for controllers ans users  to  put a spoke in sombody s whell .

the only solution is going to Ableton s not further developed nativ scripts but this  feels like a step back how go from  Live 9 to 4 or 3 , 2 or 1 version .

So with the new Live 9.1.6 version I have always the same problem reinstall and recode the scripts.

but I m not a coder for Python .

coding  and debugging again is trial and error and is not funny and time consuming.

totally anoying.

When the nativ  ive 8 APC 40 script addept no further development and have  same old functions ,...

Ableton could show one gratitude for Live 9 & Apc 40 purchasers and can bring open source script to a nativ supported script .

One little give away Ableton , come one..

would be cool.


best regard





S.Rueckwardt 3 years ago | 1 comment

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