Use audio I just recorded on track 1 in a Max Instrument (using buffer and groove) on track 2.

This might be one of those DUH moments, because it seems like I'm missing something obvious, but can an audio clip I just recorded be routed into a Max Instrument on a different track?

I'm talking about live performance (using Live, of course).  So, can it be done on the fly, or automatically?  I DON'T want to manually read the file into the buffer on the Max Instrument track, I want it to happen automatically - or with minimal clicking and/or dragging.  

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    Yup, it was a DUH moment.  Turns out that a buffer~ can be referenced from another track within the same Set.  For example, [buffer~ samples 2000 2] in a M4L instrument on track 1 can be played by [play~ samples 2] in a M4L instrument on track 2.  AWESOME! 

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