USB Joystick to Midi Routing Problem

Hey guys,

So I have my USB Joystick detected by MiJoy Pro 4:

...and I Midi Yoke installed, which is detected by Ableton Live 9 under 'preferences'...

When I open up the MiJoy Pro 4 as a VST within Live though, even though MiJoy detects the movement of my USB joystick, no Midi is being sent anywhere.  I am guessing that my midi routing is flawed somewhere...


Currently I have it so that my MiJoy Pro 4 is sending Midi Port to 'Out to Midi Yoke 1: Emulated'.  And within my preferences, I have 'In from MIDI Yoke: 1' set to Track-On, Sync-Off, Remote-Off.  Further, I have 'Out to MIDI Yoke: 1' set to Track-Off, Sync-Off, Remote-On. 

Can someone help me out here please? Thanks!




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    I am fairly certain that you want to use the joystick as some sort of xyz pad, where you just send ccs to various parameters in Ableton. To do this, you will need to have the following in Ableton's Preferences:

    'In from MIDI Yoke: 1' Track-Off, Sync-Off, Remote-On.  

    'Out to MIDI Yoke: 1' Track-Off, Sync-Off, Remote-Off. 

    These preferences are going to be the most basic ones you need. It probably will not matter to send midi clock or track / clip data to your controller.

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