Upon saving, popup says: "Would you like to delete the temporary files in /Users...?" Should I?

When I try to save/close a project, this popup window appears:

"Would you like to delete the temporary files in /Users/benjamingelber/Music/Ableton/Live Recordings/Temp-1 Project/?" Options: "Leave in Place", "Cancel", or "Delete"

I'm new to Live, but I've already created and saved other projects without this popup appearing. This problem only started happening recently, and I don't know why. I haven't changed any important settings or moved any important folders, I'm pretty sure, and my computer hasn't crashed or anything.

What does this problem mean? Should I delete the files, leave them in place, or hit cancel every time the popup appears? Better yet, how can I stop the popup from appearing in the first place?

Thanks. =)


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    It means that there are audio files in the project that are not being used.
    For example: lets say you loaded a loop from a sample CD into your project. You start working on that project, but after a while you decide that you don't need that loop that you put into the project earlier. So you throw it out of the project.
    But Live remembers that you were using that same loop or sample.
    So when you save the project, it will notice that this sample/loop is in a temporary folder or that it was in the project earlier, but has been removed from that same project now.
    After hitting 'save' it asks if you want to keep it or not.

    Basically, if Live asks you this question, it means that these audio files are not in use in the current project. So you can choose if you want to save the files with this project, or delete them from the project folder.
    If you delete them, Live will only delete them from the temporary project folder, NOT from the original file location.
    In other words: nothing bad will happen if you choose to delete the temporary files, and you can always reload those files at a later stage.

    Hope this helps :-)

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