Upgrading to Live 8 from download without the original Live 6 being installed.

I've recently bought a new Mac Book Pro to replace my 6 year old one and have upgraded to Live 8 from 6 Great stuff!!


My one concern is my new Macbook has never had a version of Ableton on it and I haven't got access to it as my original installer discs are in storage. Is that a problem? Will I be lacking sounds, loops etc from my original version of the software?


Thanks for your time



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  • ShelLuser
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    The best thing to do is to copy your library folder over since that contains all your (possibly self-made) presets, sounds, samples, etc.  Then point Live 8 to this folder and it probably will need to upgrade it. After its done you should have all your previous presets as well as all the new stuff which Live 8 has to offer.

    The other option, if you didn't add anything on your own, is to simply start using Live 8 in a pristine mode (so basically start from scratch).

    You can find the library location (in Live 8) by going to the preference section and check out the "Library" tab. Live 6 was way before my time, but I assume this will also work there. There you'll see which folder is your library folder.

    Hope this helps!

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    hello, i have live 6 , i would like upgrading to live 8, i have macbook pro mac os 10.4.11., i did not fine live 8 ...........

    how i can do.



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