Updating to 9.6 from 9.2


Hi everyone, 

I have just downloaded the new version of Live, I have 9.2

When I tried to install it, it told me I could install another version or 'replace' the version I currently have on my machine. 

Does this mean that it will forget all my activation's of vst's and serial numbers and library locations too?

I cant go through that again! 

Is there a way to update, without losing all that? Or am I just being dumb?

Thanks in advance, 




Ku77er 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • mcbpete
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    Nope all will be fine :) The only thing it seems to 'forget' is any custom Control Surface scripts and custom colour themes - everything else should be exactly as you've had Ableton set up before.

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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