UPdate 9.2.2. again bad Push lagg< delay in the Demo set pitch & tim machine...

Hi, I have massicv Problem with the demo set and M4l device.

Push react in that demo set with 3 -4 Seconds. yeah seconds...unplayabblein that set..

any one have a solution..

 complete usless with so enorm amount o delay..

,.is  this that the normal m4l device like 99 % looks good maybe very  good idea but laggy buggy Max for Live part  how  other  device since years cool but usless 

for excample...

kapture (Richi H device but runs not in ÖIve 8 or 9)  ,Lfo midi device, (greyout the mapped parameter), orper note controlled parameters (colol but you lose UNdo )Scdhawarzinator breaks the UI laggy  crackle sound)Icam MAx devices are  complett buggy and laggy and ussless for  (80,- eruo)the crazyest of the m4l devices .,and lsit goes on and on....

looks  like another a M4l device   takes place..


hope not..?!


best rgard


bad free update...



+best regard..


S.Rueckwardt 2 years ago | 0 comments

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