Unzip the installer doesnt Work

Hello ableton Community,
I just got a new launchpad s and a Code to Download ableton Live lite. I did everything and downloaden live lite. Now i wanz to unzip the .rar file but i get the error from winrar: That Archive is either in unkown Format or damaged"
I can unzip any other file but Not your files . I even downloaded the Demos of live 9 and 8 but there is the Same Problem.
So i tried everything , unziped the file with other Programms and nothing Works -.- . I Hope You Can help me ...


FuuDoo 3 years ago | 1 comment

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    All our files are in .zip format, and if you downloaded a .rar file, you most likely did not download this from our servers. 

    If this was just a typo, we recommend using 7-zip for extracting zip files. 



    3 years ago | 0 comments

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