Unwanted sustain on midi tracks, very annoying

So... This is a new thing for me. For some reason on live some of my midi tracks, in what seems to be a random fashion, have sustain that won't go away. I click a note on my keyboard and it lasts forever. I can't control the sustain. Scene's that I have already recorded have unwanted, and unending sustain as well. 

When I change the instrument the sustain goes away but then it comes back. 

 On this project I used the sustain pedal on some tracks, not sure if this is what is causing the other tracks to hold into infinity. 

I have already tried the midi 64 envelope stuff and adjusting the attack and release. 

Please help, this sucks. 



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    I also hate that annoying behavior!!! there´s two occasions for it happening 

    1. the CC64 with value 0 (pedal off) is outside the looped area so it won´t be triggered  and the sustain will carry over to the beginning of the loop

    2. same thing happens when you change the playing clip while there´s a CC64 with value 127 (on) 

    I build a max4live device that acts as a workaround sending CC64 with value 0 whenever the playing clip id changes that solves the problem for me most of the time. 

    the problem is not really ableton specific, it´s just the way midi works so it will happen in any daw actually. it's just more likely to happen because of Ableton's clip based workflow  (same in bitwig btw), logic for example sends a note off when you stop the sequencer on all tracks i believe

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