Unjustified CPU ussage with same Ableton setup on 2 different computers, why?

I have Ableton Live 9 suite running on 2 computers, same VST there, Omnisphere, Kontakt. on using exactly the same instrument in the same Live Set, I have:

- laptop sony vaio i3, 6gb RAM, windows7, 15% CPU usage

- laptop dell inspiron i7, 8gb RAM, windows8, 40% CPU usage

remember, same ableton, same live set, same vst instrument etc

tested this with 2 different sound cards, the 'better' laptop has higher cpu usage with both, so it's not a sound card issue. both windows are set-up the same, for performance... and optimized

don't tell me it's windows8...

any ideas?

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    ! UPDATE:

    used same buffer and audio card (focusrite) on both...

    update: made a live set with 10-12 tracsk with vst instruments

    dell: cpu 2.2ghz with 8 cores, 20-25% CPU in windows task manager, around 100% in ableton metering cpu bar. even got over and some crackles

    sony vaio: cpu 2.4ghz, 4 cores, around 25-30% CPU in windows task manager, around 75-80% in ableton metering bar, holding up

    in a bigger nr. of tracks differences tend to be less big, but still more than large to affect performance. also, if ableton is multicore and spreads processor power better on more tracks rather than few, why does the 4 core system win out with such a considerable difference in its favor?

    conclusion: in windows task manager about the same, in ableton different ball game. is there someone from ableton around here to clear this up maybe? or should I just try with windows7 and think that you need less cores for ableton performance?

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