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I have just updated Live Lite from 8.0.9 (that came with my Focusrite interface) to 8.2.2 Rather updating the previous version, the instaler created a new one. My question is: if I uninstall the previous version, I have to authorize Live again or the authorization continues valid.

Thank you in advance, luiz.


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    No problem at all, this is how Live works.

    An upgrade is basically a new version which will run happily together with the version you already had. One thing to keep in mind though: livesets which you save using the latest version may not be usable with the previous one. This isn't always the case, but if you keep this "rule" in mind you can never go wrong.

    The advantage should be obvious: you can make yourself familiar with the new version and start using for real only then when you're fully confident and happy with it.


    So yes; you can safely uninstall the previous version once you're done with it. Live won't need to be re-authorized and there's no need to worry about your licenses going "haywire".


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