Understanding Simpler: LIVE STANDARD

So I found an audio sample online and I went ahead and dragged it into an audio track into Ableton arrangement view. I then opened Simpler up underneath it and then dragged the audio track inside and started to mix with it. After adjusting the settings to how I like it, when I go to record it it just plays back the MIDI key sample without the effect. (In this case I MIDI mapped a fader to the LFO Rate).


So I am having trouble with the playback because it won't record the effect of the fader (LFO effect), it will only record the pitch of the key up an down the MIDI controller. What can I do so I can get a clean recording so I can have the audio sample and the LFO rate record together? Cheers to whoever figures this out!

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KevinTL 7 months ago | 0 comments

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