Understanding Samples , Pitch & putting things together ( Newbie )

Hi - I'm a newie in Ableton and I am a very kinesthetic learner ( hands on ) .

If I load C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9 Suite\Resources\Core Library\Lessons\Sets\Editing Arrangements.als

This appears to be in a "Lessons" folder.  So where are the actual "Lessons" I want to know how to put some of these sounds together , especially the basslines & Pads.  It seems like the bass & Pads are samples - so are the derived from another sample and the pitch changed?  Or is this just and example of mixing something together that has been recorded through external instruments.


Thanks for your help in advance :-)





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  • hilker
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    Menu: Help → Help View. You should find links to some of the basic lessons in the section that opens on the right-hand side of the Live window, as well as a link to "all built-in lessons" at the bottom, which you might have to scroll down to show.

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