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I apologize in advance for this a very specific and technical question.  So I am using an MPD32 with the full version of Live, and noticed that the preset "Live Lite" in the akai MPD32 is instant mapped to arm tracks 1-8 with buttons S1-S8.  I found this very useful and wanted to map S9-S16 to likewise arm tracks 9-16 with the instant mapping configuration, so in any project I work on, my preset on the MPD32 would allow S9-S16 to map tracks without me having to MIDI map these buttons on my own.  I only figure this is possible because I noticed that if I create my own preset on the MPD32 and then use the same exact values for the MIDI Channel Field, Control Change Field, and Play Mode from buttons S1-S8 in the "Live Lite" preset with the S1-S8 buttons for my preset, then the S1-S8 buttons in my preset would be conferred the ability to arm tracks 1-8 just as they could in the "Live Lite" preset.  This made me wonder if there were a way to learn the particular values for the MIDI Channel Field and Control Change Field that I would need in order to know how to program my buttons S9-S16 so I could essentially create my own instant mappings. 


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    I may be off base here, but if I'm understanding correctly what you'll want to do is create your own custom midi remote script.  If you've never delved into writing a midi remote script it may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn't all that difficult if you just devote  a bit of time to figuring it out.

    It's a bit too involved to type out the process, but there's a great video tutorial on Mr. Tunes blog that really cleared everything up for me and can be found here: 

    Hope that solves your problem!

    6 years ago | 1 comment
  • sanosdole
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    There is a remote script in the forum.


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