Unauthorizing older versions of Ableton Live

Hello all!

Brian here.  I am trying to keep my Ableton Live 8 Suite up-to-date.

Yet, when I download the new update, it opens up as Ableton Live Intro!


Is there a way, so that when I download the new updates, it ONLY opens as the Ableton Live 8 Suite, and NOT the Intro version?

I've removed the older ones from my laptop, and when I downloaded the new 8.2.2 release, it still shows as Ableton Live Intro, and NOT Ableton Live 8 Suite.

Is there a way to de-authorize the Ableton Live Intro software? This way updates are ONLY for Ableton Live 8 Suite?  This way, I only have the latest app running, and older ones can be moved to a hard drive that remains unplugged unless I absolutely have to have an older version open an older file?  I really, need assistance on this.  If you have a place that I can upload a movie file of what I'm talking about so it can make more sense, please let me know. 

How about a button on the site, that says "Click here to update Ableton Live 8 Suite"?

That way, I KNOW I'm getting the correct one.  If this exists, PLEASE let me know!






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    Hi, Answers is really a platform for asking questions to other users. This is a better question for Customer Care, at http://www.ableton.com/support/contact_customer_care

    Since other users won't be able to answer this question, we'll lock it.

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