Un-frozen tracks sound very different

Hey everyone.

I just purchased ableton, some plugins, and a few project file templates to get started on learning how to produce, so excuse this nooby question.


In one of my templates there are some frozen tracks. I have all of the plugins used on said tracks (synths and effects). I had thought that if I unfreeze a given track, it should sound exactly like the freeze version, since I have all of the plugins.


I guess my question is... what could be making the unfreeze version of the track render differently than the freeze version provided by the original template?


Thank you in advance!


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      This depends as far as I know about how the plugin interacts with the sound. If it's "Dynamic", like per se a Reverb or a Delay that has in example a sine wave Spatial Left Right sound dispersor not tied to the Bpm (1/16, 1/8, 115 Bpm etc), it will sound different each time at the same place in the song, due to the nature of the settings in the plugin. 


       Other plugins I have found out just due to specific settings react differently each time to stuff like velocity and sound pressure if you will. So they sound different each time at the same song position. 


      What I do with plugins that give me wildly different results is run a couple of renders and choose the one I like best. 


        Hope this helps. 

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