uc33 and faderfox lv3 together not working!! has anybody seen this before regarding two controllers with live?

dear ableton users,

I am experiencing a problem which I never encountered before.

I am using my uc33 with live 8 (latest update) and I started using a faderfox lv3 as well.

the two controllers can't actually work together.

the uc33 is sending the same notes as the faderfox, so there are conflicts.

if I move something on the faderfox, it affects the mapping I previously did with the uc33. and that's WITHOUT mapping the faderfox.

is there a way to clear this conflicts?

I took a look at the uc33 manual and I tried to follow their tips on how to assign channels but hasn't worked so far.

has anybody gotten into this mess before? it's really annoying.

please help.

thank you very much!!



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  • Kyotee
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    Did you figure out which channels / notes exactly you have the problems with? It is easily to do this by mapping every controller one after another to allways the same parameter (volumefader or what ever). you can see the midichannel and the CC in the midibrowser where all your mappings are listed. I guess you did it but if you edit your controllers so that they are not sending midi over the same channels there should not be any conflict. I recommend to check that again.


    6 years ago | 0 comments

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