UAD Apollo Quad ADAT Inputs

Hi there, 

I have a small studio setup with a UAD Apollo Quad as my soundcard. 

I have 8 Analog inputs used for various synths etc and those are routing in fine midi and audio etc. 

I have 2 other synths which are connected via a Behringer DDX32-16 Digital Mixer and that is connected via ADAT to the Apollo. 

On the Apollo Console I'm seeing the audio input level from both synths and should correspond to inputs 9-10 and 11-12 (Stereo Pairs). I'm able to get the audio inputs in Logic X using those inputs however in Ableton Live, those Audio inputs are not showing any signal. 

Anyone have any suggestions? Am I not doing something right within Live for it to recognise ADAT inputs? 

Appreciate any help. 


daninho 2 years ago | 0 comments

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