Two questions about Max4Live in Live 9



1. If I own Max4Live and upgrade to Live 9 standard, will I not be able to get the 24 new patches that comes with the suite edition. I have bought all the instruments individually through out the years and it seems a little harsh that I need to buy 35 GB of samples and packs, a single instrument for 164€ just to get the Max patches. I don't really need all the other stuff. I am willing to pay for the 24 patches if that is possible.


2. It says that Max4Live will be based on Max 6: Does that mean that Max4Live will not work for me, as I only own Max 5 and have no intention of upgrading this soon?





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    Owning Max 6 is not necessary in order to use Max for Live, in much the same way as owning Max 5 is not necessary, either. It's enough to own Max for Live itself in order to use it fully. 


    Hoep that helps!

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