two APC20s (with or without combination mode)

Hi All,

I've found some reviews about how APC20 and APC40 work together.

However, what I'm interested in is how two APC20s can cooperate, anyone got any experience with that?

Also, as I understand, the corresponding boxes  in the session grid are always side by side, and, in the APC20-APC20 setup it will always be like:

[APC20 box 1][APC20 box 2]

this is somehow limiting. So the question is if there is any way to do it like this


[APC20 box 1] ___________

___________ [APC20 box 2]


or even have boxes partially overlapping each other.

Do I have to disable so called "combination mode"? But how?

Thanks everybody for any informaion ;)

Links to some videos would be much appreciated.


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    I have combined APC 40 and 20 together with much difficulty. Seems the controls on both devices mainly the sliders are hard mapped of a sought. This gives some very erratic behavior. An apc 20 and another apc 20 will give you more headache than me. 

    For example...lets say you are using 1 apc  for 1-8 volume sliders . You want to use the other apc for effects on the sliders for these  1-8 channels. Seems simple yeah .......nah. See the sliders on the apc send the same commands to live and live cant seem to work it all out. Took me downloading scripts and templates to get a working config.

    My config being for live music performance of my own material as there are plenty of DJ  templates and scripts you can find/purchase. It would be nice if Live would look at this or give us a another APC Controller script that works out that the device need its own separate midi channel. 

    Look.... this is my experience I have had.  You will have to play around and see.

    Before you do.....see link below.

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