Turntables with ableton live 9

I have an akai mpk25 and want to purchase a turntable along with it. I have no knowledge about turntables so i was curious if it was possible to use one with records. For Example a track that I upload into ableton I could just plug the turn table up and i can start controlling it from there. If so what turn tables will allow me to do that?


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  • Nacoul
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    No, is the simple answer.

    It can be done but you will need to purchase a turntable (any will do, although you preferably want one with vari-speed for mixing purposes) then you need to buy hardware that will enable you to put your creation on to a time coded vinyl. The simplest way to achieve this is Serato Live with Rane SL2 hardware, plus Serato's The Bridge (this will enable you to play your composition on time coded vinyl). However, you will not be able to scratch or reverse the sounds as the time code vinyl will only play forwards with Ableton/Seratos Bridge. If you pull the vinyl back it goes silent and then starts from where it last played from. The other problem with my suggestion is that Scratch Live is being discontinued and as yet it's replacement Serato DJ, does not support The Bridge.

    I think it will only be a matter of time before someone provides a working solution to this but at the moment buying a turntable and Rane hardware and downloading Scratch Live and The Bridge is your only option.

    Hope this helps


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  • jestermgee
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    Depends what you want to "control". You could look around at something like a second hand CDX/HDX which are CD turntables. Act and look just like the real thing but use a CD for playback and have a platter you can control the sound with. Not available new anymore as far as I know. 

    One extra feature is MIDI IN/OUT which allows you to control other devices tempo from the turntable but I don't think that would allow you to control live per-se. You probably want to look more at Traktor or Seranto 

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  • chef of def
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    If what you are trying to do is record vinyl into live, that is fairly straight forward.

    Purchase a turntable, if USB just plug it into your pc, if analog (RCA plugs)plug it into your sound card, depending on the soundcard you may need phono pre-amps.  Within live in the mixer section, find the audio source,and route it to an audio track. As far as controlling the vinyl you are limited to audio effects on the track within live.

    The more esoteric way, and one of the reasons I just recently purchased Suite.  Is to purchase a MAX4Live plug-in called Ms. Pinky.  What I have seen and read about it is, that it allows you to scratch vinyl within live. By using the Ms. Pinky time-coded platters and any sound card with at least 4 ins and outs.  Similar to traktor or serato you can scratch and or cue clips within ableton.  There are other vsts that can translate time-code out there.. good luck


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  • Happy Tony
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    Here this.


    There is a way to hook up a Ableton track to a rotary knob such as on a midi keyboard.  So then once you have the music on a track you may turn the knob accordingly to the paramters you specify and change them on the fly as well.


    Also it is availabe and more current to get a cd turn table.  Very inexpenive compared to older stuff and way more relevant.  Live has a vinyl sound you can adjust as well.

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