Turn Off / Bypass Midi controller's auto- mapping ( DirectLink, HyperControl)

hey folks, 


having difficulty disengaging / bypassing the above. I want to start with my Oxygen 49 like a fresh template. If I select Oxygen 49-61 as a control surface it resorts to HyperControl. If I select "non" for control surface, the keys work but not the knobs, faders etc. etc. 


Anyone know a way around this? 


thanks kindly, 



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  • xianralph
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    So I managed to get my Oxygen 61 manually mapping in Ableton Live 9 by setting the Control Surface to None, the Input and Output to "Oxygen 61".. and then the magic which enabled me to manually set the midi mapping was to make sure that the Input "Remote" button was "On"

    good luck 

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