Trying to sync an audio track as perfectly as possible, pls help

I'm recording an audio track back into ableton, I'm doing this via midi with a track that's quantized 100%, there are quite a lot of notes so it's noticable when it's not quite synched with the rest of the song. So I've tried getting the track almost synched then quantize, this made it quite stuttery. 2nd attempt, I recorded the track in again then clicked start from here 1 1 1 then warp from here straight, the track isn't stuttery but it still doesnt sound perfectly in time. When I record the same track with a VST it's perfectly in time and what I'm after, but the sound is no match to the hardware synth. Pls help if you have any tips or answers to how I can get this audio track perfectly synched thanks


samu23 3 years ago | 0 comments

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    Did you try changing to a different playback mode?
    You can change this in the clip-editing window (bottom left of the screen).
    As a default, it is set to 'beats'.
    But changing it to any of the other settings sometimes has a huge impact on the way the sample is played.
    Hope this helps!

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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