Trouble with Max for Live 8 - El Capitan issue??

Hi, I do a lot of work with real-time multitrack looping and signal processing of guitar sounds in Max for Live. It asks a lot of the CPU; I realize this. I've been using Live 8.4.2 with Max 5 and had been doing fine until last summer. Last summer, I experienced some glitchiness while performing, which terrified me. I spent tonnes of money upgrading my hard drive space, my RAM, switching to a solid state drive, thinking this would mean I'd be safe.

Now, I'm experiencing even more glitchiness on an ongoing basis. I upgraded to El Capitan in the fall. Could this be the problem? Is it a compatibility issue and would Live 9 fix the situation? (I have Max 7 already.) I don't know what else it could be. I know that the official Ableton line is that Live 9.5 is perfectly compatible with El Capitan but Live 8 has not been tested. However, I have read conflicting things online.

Thanks in advance!

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sundar 2 years ago | 0 comments

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