trouble with external audio effect.

I have a focusrite saffire pro 40 with the octapre.


I added a wav to an audio track then selected the external audi effect with the intention of routing that sound thru the moog sub 37 filters.


If I chuck my tr8 directly through the sub 37 all works ok.


if i send the audio directly from the tr8 through the soundcard to ext 5 (this is connected to sub ext in) the sound gets there ok.


if i try any of this with the external audio effect and route I just get squuels of feedback.


so am i right in saying that the external audio effect cannot be used as only saffire mix can do the routing?



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    Did you find a solution? I'm struggling with the exact same, using iD22.

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  • PB21
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    Yes, here's what you must do to make it work with the saffire's.

    add the audio that you want to send to the synth on a track, use one of the ableton samples as a demo.

    set the audio from on that track to "no input" where it says audio from.

    on the "audio to" set this to ext out

    on my saffire I know that my sub 3y synth audio in cable is plugged into the saffire number 5 out, so in my case I select output 5 on the dropdown below where it says ext out.

    Then open saffire mix and there you will see line output 3,4, 5 and so on.

    I know my saiffre is plugged into output 5 so click that and set it to DAW 5. obviously you would change the "5" to the output channel that your patch lead is in.

    now turn the oscillators down on the mixer section of the synth and for me with the sub 37 I turn up the fdbk, ext in knob to increase the input gain.

    set the audio clip to play and you will hear the external clip playing through the synth, remember of course you need to press a key on the synth, wiggle the filter for example and you will hear your original audio clip now with the external synths filter applied.

    of course you will need a separate audio track with its input set to the synths output.


    hope that helps let me know






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