Trouble rendering audio

Hi, newish to Mac's so might be asking a silly question !

When I try to render audio from a song from the master outs, I more often than not get an error message that says -

"/Users/name/Library/Caches/Cleanup At Startup/Title was not found

And no audio, think its a mac thing but dont know enough about them to be sure.

Anyone know anything about this ?



edtumog 3 years ago | 2 comments

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  • Audiogama
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    I contacted support, they´re aware of the bug. This was the response:

    "this is a bug in the Live code, and it takes place when rendering a Live Set which contains an External Instrument or External Audio Effect device, if the recording is being restarted.

    We do not have a fix ready yet, but our developers are aware of the problem.

    For now, when rendering your Live Set, please disable the "Auto-Restart on drop-outs" option, which you can find in the dialog appearing while the rendering is taking place."

    3 years ago | 0 comments
  • montymo
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    Has there been any news on this? I am getting the same problem running Live 10 on MacOs 10.13.3


    1 month ago | 0 comments

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