Trouble rendering audio

Hi, newish to Mac's so might be asking a silly question !

When I try to render audio from a song from the master outs, I more often than not get an error message that says -

"/Users/name/Library/Caches/Cleanup At Startup/Title was not found

And no audio, think its a mac thing but dont know enough about them to be sure.

Anyone know anything about this ?



edtumog 3 years ago | 2 comments

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  • montymo
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    Has there been any news on this? I am getting the same problem running Live 10 on MacOs 10.13.3


    4 months ago | 1 comment
  • Audiogama
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    I contacted support, they´re aware of the bug. This was the response:

    "this is a bug in the Live code, and it takes place when rendering a Live Set which contains an External Instrument or External Audio Effect device, if the recording is being restarted.

    We do not have a fix ready yet, but our developers are aware of the problem.

    For now, when rendering your Live Set, please disable the "Auto-Restart on drop-outs" option, which you can find in the dialog appearing while the rendering is taking place."

    3 years ago | 0 comments
  • Oddiomusic
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    This is what I have had to resort to, 

    Create an audio track (I named mine mix bus) where all other channels(audio, midi and return) route to it. you can find this in your i/o settings within each channel itself.

    Set monitor to in on the "mix bus" channel then route that to the master output. 

    Arm "Mix bus" and hit record. Ableton should playback in realtime recording the whole project into 1 stereo file on the "mix bus" channel you created. (It would do this anyways if you rendered normally due to external instrument being used)

    The recorded file will be located in the project folder within the folder called samples then to a sub folder called recordings. In my case because I named my channel "mix bus" that is what the recording will be named as. Once you locate that you can re-name and there's your render.

    I have had to resort to this workaround because the above answer was not always working for me and this does 100 %  

    1 month ago | 0 comments

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