Trouble opening a Live set without all the Sends turned on (Dummy Clips Flaw?)

Hey Guys,

I perform with Live using it to cue loops and build vocal loops as well. Recently I've been using dummy clips to automatically route my vocal track to certain Send tracks when I cue certain scenes. If you've dealt with creating dummy clips and using them for this purpose, you'll know that you have to turn all your sends up to 100% on said track and then go within each dummy clip and turn the various sends off or on, depending on your needs.

The problem is, whenever I open my Live set, it defaults to having all the sends ON for the vocal track and creates a feedback mess. This is a problem for live gigs! Regardless of how I save my Live set, it always opens with the Sends all up.

Any thoughts on how to avoid this? I'd rather not have to turn down a mixer/soundcard from the stage every time I open a new set--I know I'll forget.


Thanks in advance!



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    My gig is tomorrow. Hoping someone can help. (gulp)

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