Triggering Live from a foot pedal

Hello all. 

I'm pretty new to Live, and am looking to get it to provide accompaniment during band performances. We don't want to play to a click, or have to follow a regimented backing track so that why i'm trying live. 

Here is what i'd like to do: Tap Tempo 4 times and Ableton start playback on the first scene roughly in time with the band. Stop playback. Tap Tempo 4 more times to start the next scene. Stop playback. 

I play bass so i'd need to do this with a foot pedal of some description. 

I'm open to work arounds, and any input on a good foot controller would be useful. 

I'm currently trying to get it to work with a regular usb midi keyboard without any luck.



billface 3 years ago | 0 comments

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