Triggering external synths - cv/gate

Some years ago, I was in a band that used a Roland TR-808 and a SCI Pro-One as our drums and bass.  We frequently used the trigger outputs from the 808 to trigger the Pro-One, usually just very simple 8th note or 16th note triggers and our bass player would play the keys on the Pro-One while it was being triggered to create note patterns.  I would like to try something similar using Live 9, either via cv/gate triggers like the old days or over MIDI.  Is something like this possible?  Note:  I hope to NOT be putting out any note information to the external synth, only triggers.  Additionally, FWIW, the external synth sound would most likely NOT be routed back through Live 9.  The information would only be going one way - from Live 9 to the external synth.  Thanks.



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    Hey Ron, Im looking for the same with my Yamaha cs30l and ableton live. I want to hear your finally results, opinions. Thanks

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