Triggering a slice in Simpler

I think I get most of what is self-apparent in Simpler. I got the auto slicing and then created a midi file to trigger it randomly, which is great if i want to create something boneheadedly without any direction. Great, very creative.


However, what I actually WANT to do is set the little orange bars inside of the manual setting inside of Simpler. Then I want to know HOW do I actually play those samples? Is there any way to leave playing running forever, while i resent the input and output points, you know, how ACTUAL SAMPLERS WORKED decades ago?

THen when I set all my points, is there any way to export all of them at once in a batch? You know, to save me time?

I can't believe this basic workflow is something that is not outlined in the guide. midi roll cannot be the only to trigger samples, and if it's about using a midi keyboard, whatever. I can program midi into a computer keyboard as well to trigger notes in instruments, so where is it in Simpler? I shouldn't have to go externally to another piece of software to create the samples Live bases it's entire identity on playing.


Soundtrackband 7 months ago | 0 comments

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