Trigger SPECIFIC Chords with midi footpedal-Like 12-step


I have been using a Keith McMillen 12-step midi pedal for a while now live.  It recently died and I had to buy a new one in a hurry.  I have since picked up a Roland PK-5A and am trying to figure out how to mimic the chord functionality of the 12-step.

In the 12-step control program, you can set the specific midi notes you want each pedal to play.  You build your chords with up to 4 or 5 notes per pedal.  I can create any chord on any a "C" on the pedal doesn't need to correspond to a "C" Chord.

I have tried the Chord rack in ableton and, while it gives me the ability to create chords out of a single pedal note, it will only base the chords on the root note that the pedal is playing. 

For example, on the 12-step, I had a chord progression I would trigger by pressing pad 1, then 2, then, 3, then 4.  Pad 1 played an Em, pad 2 played a GM, Pad 3 played a DM, and so on.  I didn't have to worry about hitting the right "notes" on the foot pedal, just go right down the line.

Is there any way within Ableton that I can simulate the same type of response with a Roland/Organ style midi pedal that doesn't have the chord mapping function of the 12-step?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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vgermani 2 years ago | 0 comments

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