Tranpose midi in key

Hi Guys,

I've seen a lot of requests for "tranpose in key" midi functions in live.
I thought if you use a pitch shifter followed by the scale restraint in your device chain would that not do it?
Or am I being to simplistic about this?

Thanks for any comments.

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  • edm Ableton staff
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    You can use a pitch shift midi effect followed by the scale effect. This will let you shift notes up or down and then constrain the output notes to a particular set of notes. You have to manually set up the notes for a particular key and the mapping to decide what will happen to notes that aren't in key (the either don't play or get shifted up or down to another note), but it will give you a basic "pitch shift in key" feature for midi tracks.

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  • Tone Deft
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    you only need a pitch shifter.  think of using a capo on a guitar, same thing.  raise all the notes of a song by the same amount and they all go to the same new key.  I think you might have heard of people wanting to warp midi or something else.

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    Thanks EDM and Tone deft,

    I think what EDM says is the best answer and is what I originally thought should "Transpose in key" too. Tone Deft's answer shifts notes to a new key but I was refering to something that shift notes in pitch and simultaneously kept them in the original key. The Pitch followed by Scale (set to the same original key) midi effects will do it.


    Thanks again Guys.

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  • chrisw63
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    Assign a MIDI Key to the Pitch!  Two options:  If you just assign a key to the pitch, you can edit the Range in the MIDI map list.  Now whenever you hit that key, the Pitch will go up one until it gets to the top of the range, then wrap to the low range setting.

    Not as usable as you'd like?  Group it! (all by itself is Fine!)  Now assign one of the group macros to pitch, and then assign a MIDI key to that macro.  A bit convoluted, but now the MIDI key you assign will TOGGLE between the upper and lower range settings!  Set one to '0' for no transposition, and the other to whatever you need.  If you need multiples, put more than one Pitch device in the same group, assign the next macro to it, set the range, assign MIDI key.. done.  You have to toggle one off before turning the next on, but it works.

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