Trakor Controller + Traktor + Ableton? HOW?

Ok, age old question, every 6 months or so I try this same problem again and it frustrates me so much that I want to throw all my gear out the nearest window!  SYNCING TRAKTOR AND ABLETON -- PERFECTLY!

Here is the goal: 1 Computer and a Traktor controller running Traktor with Ableton's audio output coming out a Traktor a channel.  Most important is Traktor's tempo controller being able to control Ableton's not only tempo, but control Ableton's pausing stopping by using a Traktor controller's buttons.

I understand how to sync Traktor's and Ableton's midi clock using a virtual midi port.  I understand how to send out Ableton's audio into a Traktor channel using a virtual audio port.  Eventually, Ableton's idea of what beat 1 in a measure is will not align with the master midi clock, in this case Traktor is the master.  To remedy this, one can press sync on Traktor to tell Ableton where 1 is.  The ridiculous problem is that one has to find the perfect "sweet spot" to press sync; for some reason one must press sync somewhere after 4 on a measure to reset Ableton's idea of what 1 is.  Finding the "sweet spot" at different tempos can be very challenging!


There has to be a simple way to make these two work together and be RELIABLE.  I am a DJ/Drummer/Keyboardist and I just want all of my stuff to work together nicely, can't we all just get along?



Traktor S8 with latest Version
Ableton 9.5

Macbook Pro 2010, 2.7 dual core (I am waiting for the new Macbook Pros..)

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rlowery 1 year ago | 1 comment

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