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I'm using Ableton Live 8 Intro and I have been using it successfully for my podcast recording for the last year and I LOVE it. It's so amazing and the ease of editing blows my mind (I'm a former Opcode Vision DSP and Audacity user, so this level of editing is pretty incredible by comparison)! 

However... there is something strange happening.

When I export, I get ~15 seconds of silence at the end of my exported track, which is a bit annoying. Therefore, I was just wondering... is this a known issue, or is there something I can do that will prevent the extra silence from being exported?

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    If you put the start- and end markers for exporting in the correct place but still have silence in your exported file, there is probably a so-called effect tail at the end. Processing of effects after the track has ended. So check if there is any long delay or verb on there that might cause Live to think there is more after the track end. Otherwise it should just export the parts that you selected, nothing more.

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