Tracks sustain when exported that aren't supposed to

So this problem is mildly annoying and I can't quite figure out a definitive solution. When I export my song as a .wav file, there are certain tracks that sustain past their end mark. This makes for a really messy sounding song when a heavy guitar sound (Strangler Lead, came with Ableton) sustains over a good portion of the song.

So far what I've had to do is go back to Ableton, press the arrangement record button without arming any of the tracks, and then pressing the sustain pedal where the track should end. This seems to work but as soon as I fix one track another one does the same thing after I export it. Mind you, I've also gone through the trouble to re-record all the tracks that have this problem, but that hasn't worked. I do not change the sample rate when I export it (44100 Hz) so that's not an issue. I've tried unplugging my midi keyboard (Novation Impulse 61) before exporting but there's always one of the Strangler Lead tracks that always sustains past its end point. Any ideas?


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Rhett Miller 4 years ago | 0 comments

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