Tracks randomly going out of tune

We've been having an issue lately where after opening a set, the pitch of certain tracks will change, making it out of tune with the rest of the set. The super weird part is this seems to occur randomly, and importing from an older version of the set doesn't fix the issue, and neither does opening an older version.  We've had this issue with both operator and simpler, but theres no reason to think it would be isolated to just those two instruments.   Really scratching our heads on this one, has anyone run into this before?


squeakeclean 1 year ago | 0 comments

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    Yes, +1,  same symptoms here, except all happened with 3rd party synths on midi. Exit + restart fixes the problem but only temporarily. The song I'm working on was started in 8 and re opened in 9.1.2, (not sure if that is relevant). I have not altered any pitch bend automation in any clips in this project. The pitch change so far always seems to be  3 semitone down (and a bit) ie this song is in E and i have to play a G note on the keyboard to play the affected track back in tune with the rest, except its not quite perfectly in tune anymore. Really frustrating...

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