Track delay causes midi latency?

I am confused.  I never needed track delay in my setup until recently so I never had any experience with it.  So when I enabled it on two tracks, that are simply sending a midi signal out to Osculator (osc/midi routing program) that need to be delayed by 100ms, I was sad to see that the result is a severe increase in latency for all my instruments across the board.  Now, when I play my MAudio Axiom keyboard, which through Ableton is routed to my Moog Slim Phatty, I have noticeable latency.  All I need is for the clip in the Osculator track to start playing 100ms before the rest of the clips in a scene.  Obviously I could just change the start point of said clips, but I actually need to record some of those clips in realtime, so that doesn't work.  

Is this a glitch or is this normal behavior?  

Either way, is there a fix/work around for this?  

I can explain more about my setup if that is needed.



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  • songboy
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    Hi guys, thanks for your answers so far.  Unfortunately, this is not exactly what I am after.  I have some older synths that don't have built in effects so I was hoping to be able to monitor them in Live realtime with effects, etc....   The issue is I am running tons of stuff already and I need to have a decent size buffer.  Is there a way to set up a midi clip to "start" before other clips?  This would allow me to have a large buffer but still have the audio from the external synths in time.  

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Have you tried setting the track delay on that particular track to -100 ms to compensate?

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  • Russell Landwehr
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    Hello PK. NEO has the trick needed.

    When you set the track "delay" of one track to -100 ms, this doesn't move that track in time, it actually delays all the other tracks by +100 ms.  Including realtime tracks and any Audio or MIDI tracks you are recording.

    If you set the track you are recording to -100 ms while recording, you will be back in realtime world.  Just remember to set it back to Zero ms for playback.



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