Toggling on midi controller pad with a soft touch without launching clip


I am facing a little disagreement when using an MIDI pad controller (AKAI MPK mini) with Live (Live 9 Lite) that I am sure many others have been happy to fix.

The symptom is that when I press softly enough any pad I manage to light on the pad without having the corresponding mapped action in Live, for example, launching a clip. If pressed a little harder everything works fine, but if possible I would like to avoid that my controller and live session may be in contradiction.

I have worked hard with all the option of my MIDI controller (set of course in toggling mode), the [Preferences/Link MIDI] menu, as well as the [Clip View/Launch] properties without fixing this behavior, that is why I am asking the community.


  • Using the [Launch Mode/Gate] allow to fix the behavior when lighting off the PAD, meaning that if I press hard enough to toggle on both controller and clip, any other soft touch hard enough to light off the controller will also stop the clip. That's why I am supposing that it is possible to do the same for the "lighting on" way.
  • As soon as I press any pad of the controller hard enough to toggle the light of the pad on, I observed that the [MIDI in indicator] is flashing, meaning that Live is  aware that I have just used my controller but does not proceed to the mapped action. It seems to me that there is somewhere some detection threshold that I am not able to set...

Thanks for your answers and sorry for my English.


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