Time to install Live 8 Library on Windows 7?

I'm wondering what the average time is to install the Live 8 Library on Windows 7. It is taking quite a while +20 minutes. And I'm wondering if my system is configured strangely.


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  • Mark One
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    Yeah, takes ages, have a cup of tea : )

    There are a couple of things which could be slowing down your computer and if you're thinking of seriously running a high spec DAW (Ableton Live) then it's worth setting up your system so that it is optimised for audio production. This involves a lot of homework (Google) but any musician needs to understand their instrument as well as possible. If the computer is your instrument you need to learn to set it up, tune it and maintain it accordingly.




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  • badboy_too
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    i'm running win 7 64 bit with i7 quad 2.8 g with 12 g memory

    live 8 install takes about 20 to 30 min.

    the longest part is all the live packs that are installed manually .. maybe 3 to 5 hours .. i install 22 live packs and some packs have 10 different things to install.

    to reinstall win 7 with all other software is a good 12 hrs with ableton taking the most time

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