The problem of sticking midi notes??

How can I deal with midi notes sticking on.  I assume this is caused by a midi on message turning a note on, and then stopping the clip ( or launching another in the same track ) BEFORE the note off message is sent.  Is that correct? And how can I deal with that.  I cant always render a midi track to audio because I need live control over the instrument,  and of coarse there are other reasons to keep the track running as MIDI instead of audio.



Thanks Ableton community.





brian sansone 11 months ago | 0 comments

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    im not a musician, im not a piano i play wrong things, this is what i thing it is!!!!!!!!!!, my moog minitaur is so sensible about it, he is in monophonic, so he doesnt have a good behave about complicated notes, especially about polyphonic shits, so chek every single note off  on you riff, 99% you did something wrong playing, thats the problem, chek for the sticking note, erase it, and put it again, whit the tha pencil, is not going to stap, but is a good start, kisses!!!!!!


    5 months ago | 0 comments

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