The 'Dreamers' patch/synth

I recently got a new computer and this meant bringing all my Ableton sets, plugins, etc over - now, it's possible that I just missed a couple or forgot to re-install something, but I'm just wondering if anybody has any experience with the 'Dreamers' patch. On the new computer, the set loads fine, and all the other tracks play, but for some reason this one track called 'Dreamers' doesn't (this is the name of the original patches name), it just comes up with an orange bar and 'media files missing'.

So, does anybody know of a live pack or plugin which contains an instrument called 'Dreamers'? Because it doesn't play, I can't offer much besides just the name... I don't know if it's a synth or what.




bizmcquiz 5 years ago | 0 comments

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